Remedial Process for Negative Numbers Subtraction Operation: A Computerized Diagnostic Assessment

Elango Periasamy, Halimah Badioze Zaman


This study is a part of our research on remedial process for Negative Numbers subtraction operation. It was based on our previous study which involved 124 students aged 14 years old and five Mathematics teachers from secondary schools from a district in Malaysia which identified a diagnostic assessment for subject domain. It was found that conventionally to implement such diagnostic assessment in school setting was possible but the time and work load to analyse and make visual the misconceptions information was impossible as the sample size increases for mathematics teachers. Thus, this study was about computerization of that diagnostic assessment which would enable students to analyse their own ability in subject domain at anytime and anyplace. This system provides immediate analysis result which would save time and work load of remediation process and repeated as many times as each students wants to and be more responsible in monitoring their own misconception based on the analysis result obtained.


Visual Informatics; Computerization; Diagnostic; Remedial; Subtraction; Negative Numbers

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