Business Process Modelling Languages in Designing Integrated Information System for Supply Chain Management

Mohsen Mohammadi, Muriati Mukhtar


A business process model is very germane to the formation of an appropriate information system. For a marked infusion of business processes in the supply chain, the status quo regarding the processes must be totally understood and well secured. Business activities and sequence have to be well kept and properly coordinated by predicting business procedures process from diverse views. This study examines seven BPMLs Data Flow Diagram (DFD), Unified Modelling Language (UML), Business Process Modelling Notation(BPMN), Event Driven Process Chain (EPC), IDEF, Petri Net, and Role Activity Diagram (RAD). The submissions of this study are the subject of the Business Process Modelling Languages (BPMLs) in developing an integrated dissemination mechanism and classification of modelling tools.


Business Process Modelling Languages; Information system; Supply Chain; AS-IS analysis; TO-BE design

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