ICT Based Information Flows and Supply Chain in Integrating Academic Business Process

Dwi Sulisworo, . Tawar, Ulaya Ahdiani


Organizations' viability is a complex issue, owing to the high number of factors that affect it. In recent years, they have made increasing use of systems thinking, which has proved useful by helping them to a better understanding of problems arising in complex situations, and by providing them with a set of tools suitable for dealing with such problems. The implication is the higher education institutions has been facing the more complex situation that should be considered on giving better education service; including Ahmad Dahlan University (ADU). This paper attempts to show how the new communication and information technologies and the internet in particular can help in the design of viable organizations especially at ADU. The paper presents and describes the management information system named SIA (Sistem Informasi Akademik/ Academic Information System) based on internet technology, created for the purpose as mentioned above. This system covers almost the value chain of academic business process from student enrollment to student graduation. This information system can be accessed by all relevant internal stakeholders with some level of authority. Communication and information technologies enable the university to help in the design of viable organizations by means of internet-based information system. The satisfaction of student service has increased as an implication of customer oriented framework because of less bureaucracy, reducing time response of some services, and increasing accurate decision.


higher education; business process integration; ICT; supply chain; customer oriented

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18517/ijaseit.2.6.243


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