Application of Geographic Information System for the Installation of Surge Arrestors on over head 132 k-v Power Line

Kamran Hafeez, M.A.U. Khan


Power system consists of generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy. Transmission lines transport the desired amount of electrical power from one place to another. The Protection of Power line is a very important factor in smooth transfer of electric power. Lightning is a major cause of overhead line faults.It is necessary to protect the power apparatus from over volts in electric system, namely lighting over voltages & switching over voltages. The objectives of this study is to protect the power system equipment's from lightning using geographic information system approach A Geographical Information System (GIS) is a collection of software's that allows you to create, visualize, query and analyse geographic data.This paper presents the idea of installing line surge arrestors by marking the exact location of towers using a multispectral satellite image and image processing software with the help of gps points taken on the ground. A case study of 132 k-v existing double circuit line from Sheik Muhammadi 500 k-v grid to 132 k-v city grid Peshawar is considered for results where as input data to GIS is in the form of spot-5 satellite image having 2.5m resolution.


Power system; Lightning; Electric system; Surge arrestors; Satellite image

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