Visual Basic GUI for an Improved of M&V Framework Considering Risk Assessment

Nor Shahida Razali, Nofri Yenita Dahlan, Wan Faezah Abbas, Hasmaini Mohamad


This paper presents a development of Visual Basic based Graphical User Interface (GUI) for an improved of Measurement and Verification Protocol (M&V) Whole Facility framework to quantify an investment in energy savings considering risks. Monte Carlo simulations are presented to assess the risks of an Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) project. The proposed M&V framework produces a continuous range of savings and rate of return of the investment with associated probabilities instead of a single value assessment without margin of error. The GUI was tested for a commercial building using three different variables that are affecting the energy use: 1) Cooling Degree Days (CDD), 2) Number of Working Days (NWD) and 3) Multi-Variable that combining CDD and NWD. From the findings, it shows that the proposed Visual Basic based GUI of M&V with Monte Carlo simulation provides a more comprehensive overview of energy savings investment in a building.


IPMVP; energy savings; option C; single variable; multi-variable; monte carlo simulations; risk assessment

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Published by INSIGHT - Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development