Comparison of Performance based on Power of Energy Encryption in Medium Field for Wireless Power Transfer System

N.H Hussin, M. M. Azizan, A Ali, M. A. M Albreem


Encryption is a very important technique used to protect energy transmission channels from an unauthorized receiver. It can be utilized to transmit data securely over the wireless medium. Encryption techniques of wireless power transfer (WPT) are important in the research on the effects of security key for security of energy transfer to the authorized receiver. The energy encryption scheme of WPT is proposed to chaos theory. Chaos theory is applicable to the logistic map to propose as a security key to chaotically regulate the switching frequency. Furthermore, for chaos theory characteristic effect power and distance performance. Therefore, this paper investigates mainly effective power based on mobile charging application. This research is focusing on performance on power of energy encryption in medium field for wireless power transfer system. This research is dedicated to the comparison of performance in power based on mobile charging application. The optimization to transport the power in this research based on comparison of power is 10W. The research utilized MATLAB simulation to compare the performance.


chaos theory; energy encryption; mobile charging application; security; wireless power transfer.

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