Macro-Factor Affecting the Electricity Load Demand in Power System

Mohammad Hanif Jifri, Elia Erwani Hassan, Nor Hamizah Miswan, Nazrulazhar Bahaman


As Malaysia moves forward as a developed country, it is expected that electricity consumption will be increased when the economy, population and industry are growing. Therefore, this paper presents an analysis on the Macro-Factors such as geographical parameters, meteorological parameters, and economic parameters that affected the electricity load demand. A simple model is presented using correlation coefficient as a tool. On top of it, Johor Bahru and Skudai have been selected as a case study in this research due to the higher electricity demand in Johor. The result indicated that the economic element known as Gross Domestic Product (GDP), population and maximum temperature were the factors that significantly affected the electrical load demand. Furthermore, this finding will be useful for researchers in the same area as a reference for their research works and it is also advantageous for the electrical utility for optimum operational planning in the future.


electric load demand; macro-factor; correlation coefficient; linear regression

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