Defeasible Policy Language for Online Social Networks

Mahdi Rohaninezhad, Shahrul Azman Mohd Noah, Shereena Mohd Arif


Current online social network sites have not addressed policy control sufficiently. In addition, the existing rule-based proposals on policy control have not been able to cope with normative, temporal, exceptional and conflicting nature of OSNs policies. These characteristics of OSNs policies fit to defeasible logic formalism. Thus, we contextualized a defeasible policy language and proposed corresponding ontologies to extend an existing ontology framework on policy control called open digital right language. Our ontology proposal focused on OSNs use cases and provided solution for implementing norms, deadlines and conflict resolution and compensation models for policies. Deployed ontology shows that defeasible policy language is expressive enough to represent and manipulate complicated policy use cases of OSNs.


modal defeasible logic; policy language; online social networks.

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Published by INSIGHT - Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development