Modelling and Simulation of Current Source Converter based Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Voltage Regulation cum Harmonics Mitigation

M Deben Singh, Ram Krishna Mehta, Arvind Kumar Singh


The modern electric power distribution system faces lots of power quality (PQ) problems such as short and long duration voltage variations, voltage imbalance, waveform distortions, impulsive and oscillatory transients and voltage flicker etc. The custom power devices (CPD) have been designed and developed with the aim of mitigating these problems. The major CPDs introduced so far include distribution-static synchronous compensator (D-STATCOM), dynamic voltage restorer (DVR), unified power quality conditioners (UPQC), active power filters (APF) etc.  However, most of these CPDs are designed and implemented using voltage source converter (VSC) topology. Although lots of research works have been carried out for realizing DVR system based on VSC topology, not much research work has been reported on the application of CSC topology in DVR system over the last one decade. Through this paper, it has been attempted to develop a model of DVR system based on CSC topology capable of performing dual power quality enhancement tasks viz. voltage regulation and harmonics mitigation at a power distribution system catering power to a variety of loads. The DVR system has been modeled and simulated in the MATLAB / Simulink platform and the simulation results reveal the effectiveness and validity of the proposed model for use in power distribution system.


power quality; dynamic voltage restorer; current source converter; voltage regulation; harmonics mitigation.

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