Measurement of Forces and Torques during Non Homogeneous Material Drilling Operation

Mohd Hazny Aziz, Muhammad Azmi Ayub


The purpose of this study is to measure the forces and toques that produce in the drilling process of non-homogenous material (bone). An automated five degree of freedom CRS CataLyst-5  robot used during the drilling process together with the six degree freedom of force toque sensor.  A force torque controller that built in Matlab Simulink environment is used to control the drilling process of the robot. Different feed rate will be used during the experimental of the drilling process. The sensors will be calibrated and will measure the tri axial direction of resultant forces and torques. The profiles of the forces and torques graphs that obtained are non-linear since the diversity of density of bone.


Bone drilling; CRS CataLyst-5 robot; Matlab Simulink environment

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