The Application of Fuzzy Logic Control Systems on Harvesting Standard Operating Procedures Models of Sesame Crops in Indonesia

Luluk Sulistiyo Budi, Ratna Mustika Wardhani


— The development of modern technologies of cultivation must continue, although the conventional harvesting technologies are still provide benefits.  For that purpose we need a comprehensive, effective and efficient standard operating procedures (SOP).  This research construct SOP models of technology models for harvesting of sesame cultivation. The research method used were literature studies, field research and expert discussion on March-August 2015 in Madiun,  the center of sesame plantation in Indonesia. Standard operating procedure components and criteria including models for harvesting technology, drying technology and separating of seeds. The results are standard operating procedures consisting of models for harvesting of sesame crop, drying and separating of seeds effectively and efficiently.  The package system of SOP for decision-making, the holistic rule-base was considered which consist of the plant, labor, location and available technology. The example of Rule-Base ‘If Than’, if varieties branched or not, the Single row or Double row, the location drying is limited, labor is limited and the technology is available, the goal model harvest without No Tied, as decisions and so on for rule-rule others, and it has been available in Software.


design; harvesting models; standard operating procedures; rule-base; Sesamum indicum L.

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Published by INSIGHT - Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development