Family Healthcare: Safe and Convenient, Mandailing Community Option for Childbirth

Siti Zahara Nasution, Badaruddin Badaruddin, Zulhaida Lubis, Kintoko Rochadi


Healthy individuals are greatly influenced by their beliefs, values, and practices in the family. Related to the above, the social factors of culture also affect the health of individuals in the family through its role in defining cultural norms and regulations on health, especially in pregnant women who live in affluent are still steeped in culture in their daily lives and trusting care pregnant women in addition to using the health service so that it appears the infant mortality rate and maternal mortality rate increased. This study is a qualitative research phenomenology that aims to explore how families Mandailing in Mandailing Natal in the care of the mother during pregnancy and in the postpartum period. The informant was chosen to represent the community Mandailing Natal as 8 people and has done interviews. The data collection was done by using in-depth interviews (in-depth interview) researchers concluded that the causes of high maternal mortality rate in Mandailing Natal are not checkups health worker or midwife, but the shaman.


Healthcare; family health; safe; convenient; Mandailing community

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Published by INSIGHT - Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development