Sentiment Analysis or Opinion Mining: A Review

Saidah Saad, Bilal Saberi


Opinion Mining (OM) or Sentiment Analysis (SA) can be defined as the task of detecting, extracting and classifying opinions on something. It is a type of the processing of the natural language (NLP) to track the public mood to a certain law, policy, or marketing, etc. It involves a way that development for the collection and examination of comments and opinions about legislation, laws, policies, etc., which are posted on the social media. The process of information extraction is very important because it is a very useful technique but also a challenging task. That mean, to extract sentiment from an object in the web-wide, need to automate opinion-mining systems to do it. The existing techniques for sentiment analysis include machine learning (supervised and unsupervised), and lexical-based approaches. Hence, the main aim of this paper presents a survey of sentiment analysis (SA) and opinion mining (OM) approaches, various techniques used that related in this field. As well, it discusses the application areas and challenges for sentiment analysis with insight into the past researcher's works.


opinion mining; sentiment analysis; NLP; machine learning; lexical-based

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