Bamboo Architectonic: Experimental Studies Using Bundled-Bamboo-Split (BBS)

Anastasia Maurina, Budianastas Prastyatama


Urban areas have a great role in the climate change. The sector of building construction engage with that issues through  environmentally friendly design.  Building material is one of the important role on that issue. Bamboo can be regarded as a sustainable construction material. Whilst, bamboo is considered as low-class material, even called as “the poor man timber†by many modern builder. Applying bamboo in contemporary design architecture effectively revamp the bamboo’s image. Nowadays, contemporary bamboo architects are exploring the organic building form, which requires curved structural elements. Sometimes, the natural bamboo’s curvature cannot fulfill the architects’ demands. Therefore, it’s required a technique to curve the element, one of which is using bundled bamboo split (BBS). The research issues are the effect of using BBS to formal-spatial function and mechanical function; and the effect of bamboo species and bundle’s interval to BBS’s compression strength. This experimental research was held in two kinds of experiments. Firstly, design and build experiments: implementing BBS into three types of curve structural elements. Secondly, laboratory-test experiments: comparing BBS’s compression strength based on bamboo species and bundle’s interval. This research could be concluded that (1) considering from formal function, using BBS as the structural element is very beneficial for a building with organic form; (2) considering from spatial function, Using BBS is appropriate to its function as dynamic spatial elements which contribute in creating atmosphere through its texture and color; and (3) considering from mechanical function, the selection of bamboo species and the bundle’s interval will affect the BBS’ compression strength. To get a higher compression strength, BBS can use bambu gombong with smaller bundle’s interval. Due to its compression strength, BBS is not recommended to be structural elements that distribute the pure compression load.



bundled-bamboo-split (BBS); curved structural element; compression strength

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