Copper Based Bi-metallic Core Pin Using DMD: Industrial Evaluation

M. Khalid Imran, Syed Masood, Milan Brandt, Stefan Gulizia, Mahnaz Zahedi


Bi-metallic core pins were prepared and the performance was evaluated in a specially designed die that had the provision to investigate core pins under semi-industrial HPDC conditions. A comparison between bi-metallic core pin with that of tool steel revealed that bi-metallic core pin performed better in terms of soldering under HPDC environment. Due to slow cooling, die holding time needed to be increased in tool steel core pin to allow sufficient solidification of the casting part. The bi-metallic core pins also operated without any catastrophic failure in the clad which particularly substantiated the applicability of DMD deposited tool steel clad on copper alloy substrate to manufacture bi-metallic tooling.


HPDC; material build-up; DMD; core pin; soldering

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Published by INSIGHT - Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development