Rice Food Security on Small Farmer Households Under Current Mechanization Level in Kampar Region, Indonesia

Ujang Paman, Saipul Bahri, Agung Pramono


Rice is Indonesia's most important staple food and has become a key indicator of the country's food security. In Kampar Region, most small farmers face challenges in meeting their households’ rice food security under a relatively limited application of mechanization and small farm scale. This study examines the rice food security status of small farmer households under current levels of mechanization in Kampar Region, Indonesia. Field surveys were conducted in two districts, Bangkinang and Kuok in Kampar region in April-June 2020. A total of 72 small farmers were purposively selected for the sample, of which 36 were farmers from each district. Data were collected through interviews using semi-structured questionnaires and analyzed using descriptive-quantitative techniques. As a result, the current mechanization application was classified as intermediate level. At this level, 1.33 tons of rice were produced, and the cultivated area was 0.37 ha on average. Rice productivity averaged 3.56 tons. ha-1 and varied with various farm sizes. The per capita rice consumption was still high, approximately 114.6 kg per year, and it requires a farm size of 0.054 ha to meet annual rice consumption, or 0.27 ha for households with 5 family members. About 46% of small farmers could not meet their rice needs within one year. They could supply rice for less than 12 months and up to 21 percent of them could supply rice for up to 6 months. Therefore, the level of mechanization must be increased to improve rice productivity.


Rice food security; small farmer households; mechanization level; rice productivity

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18517/ijaseit.13.5.18475


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