Claim Analysis of Construction Projects in Oman

Mohammed Al Mohsin


Claims are one of the problems that  construction project may face. Claims might cause many affects such as payment delay, extension of time and work suspension. This paper aims to highlight claims in construction industry in Oman and factors affecting these claims, as a result of construction boom, claims get bigger attention due to the high effect on the main elements of construction management. Field study has been conducted to collect data required in claim concern. Data were collected through data collecting form designed for this purpose, collected data was for 45 projects with specific criteria. According to the analyzed data, it’s been shown that the average of claims in construction projects is 2.6 claims per project, most of these claims are: extension of time effect, solved in negotiation manner, occurred in lump sum contracts. Owners are the first party "as sources of claims" with 42% of research sample over other sources like consultants, contractor and contract documents.


Claims; Construction; Projects

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