Combination of Modeling Techniques for Supporting Business Process Architecture Layers

Mohsen Mohammadi


Several modeling techniques have been proposed over time while selecting an appropriate modeling technique is a challenging task and requires to study on the evaluation and comparison of modeling languages. This paper concentrates on consolidating existing literature instead of modifying modeling techniques evaluation by utilizing the most commonly used evaluation methods (Curtis et al.’s framework). The focus of this study is based on seven modeling languages. Based on the selected modeling languages, a methodology is proposed for business process modeling, which is applied in a real case study. Finally, interviewing 15 experts by means of a questionnaire, which was prepared based on the Method Evaluation Model, validated the proposed methodology. The finding implies that the combination of three techniques -IDEF, UML, and BPMN- complement each other in modeling business process that would inspire rapid design and more flexibility in business process modelling.


modeling language; business process modelling; method evaluation model; verification and validation

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Published by INSIGHT - Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development