Near Shore Environment and Its Corrosiveness Towards Steel Pipelines

Yahaya Nordin, M. A. Budiea Ahmed


Seabed sediment is an important environment that has significant effect on pipelines buried under it. Hereby, study on corrosion rate of actual steel pipelines has been conducted to highlight the importance of near shore environment as an aggressive environment towards steel structures. Coupons made of X70 steel pipelines have been considered for weight lost determination in order to calculate the corrosion rate at both near shore and offshore areas. The results show that the corrosion rate of coupons buried at near shore area was higher than the coupons at offshore. Conclusively near shore environment has shown a significant influence on corrosion of steel pipelines.


Seabed Sediment; Near Shore Environment; X70 Steel Pipelines; Weight Loss; Corrosion

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Published by INSIGHT - Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development