Farm Machinery Development and Utilization System Policies for Small-Scale Rice Farming

Ujang Paman, Saipul Bahri, - Asrol, - Khairizal, Hajry Arief Wahyudy


The use of farm machinery as a source of power in Kampar Region, Indonesia has become increasingly important and dominant for effective and efficient farm operations. This paper attempted to highlight the farm machinery development and utilization system policies for small-scale rice farming in the region.  Data were collected through field surveys in the selected rice production centers from 20 districts in Kampar Region. The interviews with involving farmers, government extension staff, and machinery suppliers were conducted in September and October 2015. The results showed that the agricultural mechanization program run by Government in Kampar region has dramatically accelerated the development of farm machinery use from year to year.  On the other hand, the low purchasing power, limited government budgets, and limited farmers’ access to agricultural credit have decelerated the development of farm machinery on the farm level.  To increase farm machinery utilization among small farmers, the local government has developed machinery-hiring schemes to provide farm machinery for the small farmers. Recommendations for the future development of increasing the use of farm machinery in the region are also proposed.


farm machinery; utilization system; small-scale rice farming; Kampar Region

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