Panoramic Image Communication for Mobile Application using Content-Aware Image Resizing Method

Jaejoon Kim


This paper presents an image resizing application for mobile communication to evaluate content-aware image resizing method for panoramic image. In many applications, we can take account into aspect ratio changing, removal or pan and zoom in the image. However, the implemented application in this work is more focus on image downsizing due to mobile application that is limited for image capacity. The generated panoramic image will be distorted if simply scaling by factors and the image will lose information or generate artifacts if crop the area directly. It is meaningful to discuss how to keep the main object in the image and resize the image by cutting off the unnecessary part. The implemented approach has been successfully developed and it will be valuable to compare image resizing on mobile terminal.


Seam; Seam Carving; Image Resizing; Energy Map; RANSAC; Mobile Application

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