An Efficient Cloud based Image Target Recognition SDK for Mobile Applications

Haslina Arshad, Meng Chun Lam, Waqas Khalid Obeidy, Siok Yee Tan


Smart phones have exploded in popularity in recent years, becoming ever more sophisticated and capable specially when these devices tries to access the shared pool of computing resources provided by the cloud, on demand. Mobile services such as image target recognition SDK may enrich their functionality by delegating heavy tasks to the clouds as the remote processing. This paper proposes an image target recognition SDK based on cloud with the main goal of lightweight implementation on mobile devices based on processing performed over cloud. In such circumstances, the focus of the proposed image target recognition SDK needs to be on effectiveness, robustness and simplicity, while still preserving high level of functionality (i.e. good recognition). Application areas involve android library development, pattern recognition and web portal development. The applications mentioned in this paper bring an added value by being success stories for mobile cloud computing domain in general


Cloud computing; image recognition; feature extraction; mobile application

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