Macerals of C1 Coal Seam in Parvade Coalfield (Tabas- Ira)

Seyed Mohammad Hashemi


This paper deals with the study of the Late Triassic coal  deposits from Parvade coalfield in south of Tabas town and located geologically this is part of Central Iran zone. Coal main seam in Parvade coalfield named C1.Coals are rich in vitrinite, with average contents of 90%.Collinite is main part of vitrinite. their structures are homogenous .Telinite is low amount of vitrinite, based on ratio of collinite to telinite , subsidence of swamp is gradually and conditions  of environments is reduction and PH is acidic. Lithotype of coals is most ultraclarain with high amount of  vitrinite .some of amounts presents of semi-vitrinite and fusinite, micronite, skelerutinite and semi-fusinite macerals. High content of the vitrinite group macerals in these coals shows that water level was relatively high .Amount of vitrinite played key roles in coking.


Macerals ; Vitrinite; Ultraclarain; Parvade coalfield- Iran

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