Clay Minerals Deposit of Halakabad (Sabzevar- Iran)

Seyed Mohammad Hashemi


Clay minerals are expanded in south of Sabzevar. They are identified with light color in the filed. The XRD and XRF chemical and mineralogical studies on the Clay minerals indicated that their main clay minerals are Kaolinite, Illite and Dickite. Pyrophyllite is minor clay mineral. Quartz and Sanidine non clay minerals are present with clay minerals .Ratio of Al2O3 is about 40 per cent, it is very good for industrial minerals .Volcanic rocks are origin clay minerals .Their composition are basic to acidic. In south of Sabzevar town there is a small part of these rocks available which include volcanic and volcaniclastic rocks .Geochemical and petrographic studies showed that their compositions are generally  acidic and  intermediates  and are of Dacite and Rhyolite and Andesite rocks type that have changed into clay minerals.


Volcanic rocks; Kaolinite; Industrial clay minerals; Sabzevar –Iran

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