Solidification Coal Fly Ash on A Textile Factory as Allelochemi to Alternative Portland Cement Wall House Anti-Moss

Prabang Setyono, . Suratman


This research for the application of coal waste as fly ash for mixture cement the stonewall anti moss which hypothesis upon which Allelochemi. Using the coal waste  represent one of program of environment conservation which is in the form of 3R ( Reuse, Recycle And Reduce), so this research can be made pilot project in development and substance invention of anti moss and make friends with the environment. The research target is identifying moss type in region Surakarta, knowing mixture concentration having technical eligibility of construction and TCLP test ( Toxicity Characteristic Leachate Procedure) and justification of  LC50 and LD50. Research was carried out in laboratory by in phases following: casting of Mixture cement and fly ash: test of mechanic strength, test of resilience to moss growth, test of ability adhesive to wall paint, making solid Matrix. Continued by a test Depress to use the Technotest Modena Italy then Test the assimilated: Chemical Ekstraksi in step by step. Fraction 1 until Faction 5, TCLP (Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure) Standard, TCLP ( Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure) Progressive and TCLP (Toxycity Characteristic Leaching Procedure) Modification. The Allelochemi form be observed by means of  Microscopic observation. The results revealed that moss type found in region of Surakarta:  Dicranella heteromalla, Funaria hygrometrica  ( Hedwig.), Rhodobryum giganteum ( Schwaegr.) Par., Pogonatum contortum ( Brid.). Mixture prosentase of  fly ash which still fulfill the technical standard of concrete building construction is 20 - 40 %. Value LC 50 to animal test the goldfish 8950 ppm and  the LD 50 value to animal test the mencit 30,35 mg / kg BB so that near no toxic. The resistance process  of  moss growing at coat cement also got concentration 20 - 40 % through allelochemi mechanism. Ever greater of  fly ash prosentase at growth media the moss hence assess the heavy metal accumulation of  Pb, Cr, Cd, Cu and Zn. Process the heavy metal accumulation will generate the effect of allelochemi or resistance of growth moss, but  toxic scale or  level to kill the optimal moss plant at concentration 20 – 40%.


TCLP; LC 50; LD 50; Allelochemi

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