Growth and Physiological Study of Gamma-Induced M4 Black Rice in Stress Condition

Anjakasi Mar’atul Ula, Edi Purwanto, - Parjanto


Increased rice productivity can be achieved by producing high-yielding black rice seeds. One of the productions of superior seeds is by mutation induction using gamma-ray irradiation. Black rice has a useful content and will be produced when the plant grows in drought stress. This research aims to study the growth and physiological characteristics of black rice induced by gamma rays of 100 gray and 200 gray, as well as know the effect of drought stress on proline content, to obtain superior black rice seeds. The design was researched in the form of an experiment in the field without using a repeat sample. Black rice was planted as a screen house in Jati Village, Karanganyar. The treatment used 24 plant genotypes, namely, 10 genotypes of 100 gamma-ray irradiation and 2 control genotypes, as well as 10 genotypes of 200 gamma-ray irradiation and 2 genotypes of control. Physiological observation variables were plant height, plant dry weight, root dry weight, proline content, and leaf temperature. The results of the research on plant height growth with gamma ray irradiation resulted in shorter plant postures. Leaf temperature and proline content in plants treated with irradiation and drought stress had higher values than in control plants. M4-By-C and M4-Bt-C lines are prospective to be released as new high-yielding varieties because these lines have short stature and high proline content.


Irradiation; mutation seeds; drought stress

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