Horizontal and Vertical Geometric Accuracy of Agisoft Photoscan and Pix4D Mapper Softwares at Kebun Raya Universitas Mulawarman in Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Sri Endayani, Ronggo Sadono, Ambar Kusumandari, - Hartono, M. Baiquni


The advent of unmanned aerial vehicles has improved aerial photography, which is now aided by computer software for data acquisition and processing. These developments allow for accurate aerial photographs of Kebun Raya Universitas Mulamarwan Samarinda (KRUS) for managerial purposes. This study aims to compare the accuracy of horizontal and vertical geometry with Agisoft Photoscan (AP) and Pix4D Mapper (PM) software. The materials consisted of 150 aerial photographs of KRUS with eight ground control points (GCP) and one internal control point (ICP). Data were obtained from nine flight paths with AP and PM software linked to GCP and ICP. These data were processed and compared to manual measurements using linear error (LE) 90 and circular error (CE) 90 criteria. The commission omission equation was used for the object accuracy test on orthophoto. The vertical geometry accuracy test was carried out using the criteria of root mean square error (RMSE) and LE90 values on the digital elevation model. In comparison, the horizontal geometry accuracy test was performed by using the obtained orthophoto based on RMSE and CE90 criteria. The result demonstrated that the horizontal geometry accuracy for AP was higher than PM, indicated by lower RMSE and CE90 values, which were 0.091 versus 0.148 and 0.139 versus 0.224 for AP and PM, respectively. The vertical geometry accuracy was similar, with lower RMSE and LE90 values of 0.169 versus 0.309 and LE90 0.279 versus 0.224 for AP and PM, respectively. Furthermore, AP is a potential tool for KRUS spatial mapping.


Ground and internal control point; digital elevation model; orthophoto; linear and circular error; commission omission equation.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18517/ijaseit.12.5.16362


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