The Penetration of Pollutant Productions on Dynamic Generated Power Operations Optimized Using a Novel Evolutionary Algorithm

A N Afandi, Yunis Sulistyorini, Hajime Miyauchi, Goro Fujita, X.Z. Gao, M El-Shimy


At Present, the environmental protection penetrates public awareness to decrease atmospheric emissions as important efforts for increasing living quality in air from various gaseous effects. Technically, it has forced industrial sectors to control pollutant productions while operating machineries of engineering processes to keep all materials for final products. It has also forced the power system operation to modify operational strategies of thermal power plants considered pollutant productions from combustions of fossil fuels for reducing emissions. Moreover, reasonable decisions are needed to schedule combinations of generating units for providing electric energy with less pollutant discharges and more economically operation. In particular, these strategies are required by operational conditions and technical constraints for optimizing the operating cost included decreasing pollutant productions. This paper demonstrates new approaches for measuring pollutant penetrations embedded in single priority function. Results obtained show that the computation has different performances for 24 hours of the operation. Moreover, emission discharges are dominated gradually by higher contributors associated with scheduled power plants as emission requirements.


economic operation; emission dispatch; penalty factor; power system; thunderstorm algorithm

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