Genetic Variability Analysis of Phaius spp Orchid based on RAPD Markers

Sri Hartati, - Samanhudi


Phaius spp live in tropical forests with high humidity due to deforestation, which has resulted in the extinction of many endemic orchid species, especially orchids Phaius spp, so it needs to be conserved through a plant breeding program. There are not many research reports on the genetic diversity of orchids Phaius spp, even though the study of genetic diversity plays an important role in plant breeding programs and genetic conversation. This study aims to determine the genetic diversity of Phaius spp. This research was carried out using molecular markers RAPD (Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA). DNA from Phaius spp was extracted and then amplified by PCR using 6 RAPD primers. The results of this study found that four species of orchids of the genus Phaius spp (Phaius tankervillae (1); Phaius montanus (2); Phaius collasus (3); and Phaius amboinensis (4)) amplified using 6 RAPD primers to produce 37 DNA bands with a size of 250-1600 bp, and produce 100% polymorphic bands The genetic similarity coefficient of the 4 orchid species ranges from 0.19-0.53 and the genetic variability ranges from 47%-81%.


Genetic diversity; orchid; Phaius spp; polymorphic; RAPD.

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