A Digital Image Watermarking Method in the Discrete Cosine Transformation Domain

Mohammad Reza Khammar, Yunusa Ali Saied, M.H. Marhaban


In this paper, a watermarking method has been proposed based on Discrete Cosine Transform(DCT) which can be used in order to protect copyrighting and to provide right of image ownership. In this method, the original image transferred to DCT domain after dividing into non-overlapped blocks 8×8 and to the same method, watermark image which can be whether a firm mark or any desired image from owner of the art work, after dividing into non-overlapped blocks 4×4, transferred to DCT domain. Watermark image coefficients after one step coding composed with low frequency coefficients of original image and create the final watermark image. On the other hand, the process of reforming watermarked image and extracting the original watermark on the secondary side is extractable by using original image and with reverse mechanism. Experiments show that this method in encountering with a number of routine attacks has a good resistance.


image; watermarking; discrete cosine transform

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18517/ijaseit.2.1.162


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