Revealing the Construction Project Management System of City Park in Jakarta: Between Hope and Reality

Silia Yuslim, Manlian R. A. Simanjuntak, Fermanto Lianto


City parks are one of the green open spaces needed by the community for outdoor activities and to improve the quality of life. Currently, residents of Jakarta feel that city parks in Jakarta have not been able to fulfill this function optimally in terms of quality. One reason is the construction project management system which is felt to have not been running as expected. The research aims to reveal the reality that occurs in the management of urban park construction project management in Jakarta, Indonesia, look for weaknesses, and provide recommendations for these weaknesses. This research uses mixed methods. There are qualitative methods with case studies and quantitative descriptive methods. The data instrument uses a questionnaire as a research instrument that assesses the indicators of each variable which is an elaboration of factors from the stages of City-park's construction project management, community involvement, and the quality of city parks. The results showed that the city park's management system was still far from expectations, and weaknesses were found in managing the pre-construction stage and stakeholder involvement, which was not carried out optimally. It causes the construction phase not to be adequately monitored, and the project results are of poor quality. Based on the study results, further research is needed to examine the pre-construction stage and stakeholder involvement more deeply so that quality city parks according to the expectations of Jakarta residents can be achieved.


City park; construction projects; project management.

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