Staffing Database Application Development Based on YII Framework

Mohammad Syahidul Haq, Muchlas Samani, - Karwanto, Erny Roesminingsih, - Murtadlo, Amrozi Khamidi


The development of information systems and technology plays an important role in improving the quality of management activities, one of which is the management of personnel data. The development of a technology-based facility in the 21st century as it is today can provide many benefits, one of which can be used to improve staff performance. This study aims to produce a database application system design for the Faculty of Education, State University of Surabaya based on the Yii Framework and to provide easy management of the staffing database for the Faculty of Education, State University of Surabaya, so that it is properly recorded. This research was conducted using the Research and Development (R&D) method by applying nine of the ten steps proposed by Borg and Gall. The results showed that the Yii Framework-Based Personnel Database Application has been successfully developed with an average score of 85% for each tested category, which means that the Yii Framework-Based Personnel Database Application has reached the category of very feasible to use. With the development of this staffing database, it is proven that it can help the faculty manage its human resource data. Even so, this staffing database application still has some drawbacks, including using the Internet and conventional supervision. Therefore, it still needs continuous improvement. This result also can be used for further research to analyze the impact of YII Framework-Based Personnel Database Application on its user to give more knowledge to the reader, the developer, and stakeholder.


Education; database staff; Yii framework

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