Video Encryption Based on Chaotic Systems in the Compression Domain

Ali Abdulgader, Kasmiran Jumari, Mahamod Ismail, Tarik Idbeaa


With the development of the internet and multimedia technology digital video encryption has attracted a great deal of research interest in the recent few years in applications. In this paper, we propose a method to encrypt video data. The proposed algorithm is based on the MPEG video coding standard. It selectively encrypts some DCT coefficients in the I frame, B frame and P frame in MPEG video compression by using chaotic systems. The key in this paper is chaotic sequence based on logistic mapping. It can produce the pseudo-random sequences with good randomness. The experimental results based on chaotic maps prove the effectiveness of the proposed method, showing advantages of large key space and high-level security. The proposed algorithm was measured through a series of tests and achieved good results. The results indicate that the algorithm can be implemented for video encryption efficiently and it provides considerable levels of security.


MPEG video Compression; video encryption; chaotic systems

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