Modeling and Characterization of Modified Optical Burst Switching (OBS) Ring Network Using Proxy Node

Manoj Kumar Dutta, V.K. Chaubey


This paper presents an analytical model of an optical burst switching  ring network capable of handling WDM traffic intelligently. The network protocol and efficient architecture increases the data transport capability of a congested network. Here we propose an architecture to ease the traffic congestion in a ring network. The backbone of the proposed model is the use of a proxy node which is connected to a particular number of nodes, depending upon the traffic, then diverting their traffic and thereby increasing throughput. A probabilistic model for the proposed network architecture is developed employing packet queuing control to estimate the average waiting time of packets in the buffer and the average number of packets in the buffer for different incoming traffic arrival rate.


Optical WDM network; Proxy node; Ring networks; Buffer length; Waiting time; Packet arrival rate

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