Design of Robot Manipulators and Functional Classification of Medical Robots

R Swarnalatha, Gayathri Menon


This paper intended to conduct research based on medical robotics, which fundamentally couple information to enhance the performance of human abilities significantly, in this case, surgical interventions, rehabilitation, or simply helping differently-abled people perform daily tasks. This research work aims to comprehend principal concepts in medical robotic designing, analysis, and real-time control of robotic systems within the context of medical applications. Extensive research on telerobotic systems and their applications in robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery/telesurgery is a major aspect of this research. The core aspects focus on the application, functionality, and theoretical aspects of interactive robotic technologies in medicine. Surgical, physiotherapy, and neuro-rehabilitative robotic systems are significant outlooks of medical robotics. Technological aspects, such as instrumentation, mechanisms, imaging, and simulation, were conducted using MATLAB and Webot software. Simulations using software usage was focused on designing robotic medical models and differentiated using functional classification. Three-dimensional robots with better dexterity and degree of freedom were simulated using Webot software. This research work proposes new approaches of augmented reality aiding medical surgeries whereby three-dimensional visualization of organs is detailed as the future of medical applications. Robotic Kinematics and algorithms are studied in detail when designing these robots on CAD/CAM. Comparative studies based on already implemented medical robots were also conducted. The functionality, drawbacks, ethical issues, and consents of patients are comprehended in detail in this research.


Tele-robotics; neuro-rehabilitative robotics; functional classification; medical robotics.

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