Design Fabrication & Real Time Vision Based Control of Gaming Board

Muhammad Nauman Mubarak, Adeel Mehmood, Muhammad Zubair, Zahid Hassan


This paper presents design, fabrication and real time vision based control of a two degree of freedom (d.o.f) robot capable of playing a carom board game. The system consists of three main components: (a) a high resolution digital camera (b) a main processing and controlling unit (c) a robot with two servo motors and striking mechanism. The camera captures the image of arena and transmits it to central processing unit. CPU processes the image and congregate useful information using adaptive histogram technique. Congregated information about the coordinates of the object is then sent to the RISC architecture based microcontroller by serial interface. Microcontroller implements inverse kinematics algorithms and PID control on motors with feedback from high resolution quadrature encoders to reach at the desired coordinates and angles. The striking unit exerts a controlled force on the striker when it is in-line with the disk and carom hole (or, pocket). The striker strikes with the disk and pots (to hit (a ball) into a pocket) it in the pocket. The objective is to develop an intelligent, cost effective and user friendly system that fulfil the idea of technology for entertainment.


Microcontroller; Inverse kinematics; Robotics; Image processing; Simulations

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