A Comprehensive Review on Big Data-Based Potential Applications in Marine Shipping Management

Viet Duc Bui, Hoang Phuong Nguyen


Shipping is becoming a spearhead economic sector in sea countries. Over 90% of goods and raw materials are transported globally by marine shipping. However, the requests from the advanced transport ship generations include much more modern facilities, larger cargo space, faster moving, and flexible controlling cargo from inland with a shorter time. As a result, the demand for digitalization of maritime is increasing in a flexible virtual environment and under pressure to reduce costs. Big Data plays an extremely important role in marine shipping. Big Data helps determine what is traditional and non-traditional data to reap profits. Shipping companies often collect extremely large amounts of data from various sources such as frequent reports from ships, sensors, GPS devices, RFID tags, and traffic management systems. This way can boost forecasting and/or avoiding risks as well as saving the cost of transport. This article focuses on assessing the challenges and opportunities of Big data in marine shipping before comprehensively analyzing its applications in maritime transport including online vessel decision support, vessel performance optimization, fleet operation optimization, and predictive analysis. This review has gathered, provided, and highlighted the rich ways and vast opportunities to improve big data-driven shipping processes and operations of the shipping industry. The results achieved can provide a good direction for authorities and shipping companies to formulate and implement effective policies to cope with the growing pressures of a highly competitive shipping market.


Big data; marine shipping; operation optimization; predictive analysis.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18517/ijaseit.11.3.15350


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