Optimizing Reproductive Performances of Garut Sheep as Superior Local Genetic Resources by Modification of Dietary Grass and Concentrate Balances

Siti Darodjah Rasad, Budi Ayuningsih, Nurcholidah Solihati, Rangga Setiawan, Diky Ramdani


High-quality Garut rams are important to be selected for Garut sheep development to include improving their semen qualities. The semen quality is highly affected by dietary nutrient intake. This research aimed to conclude the effect of different grass and concentrate balances on performance and semen qualities such as motility, abnormality, the integrity of plasma membrane, and acrosome cap sperms of Garut rams. This research was conducted from August 25th, 2020, to February 2nd, 2021, at Margawati Sheep Breeding Center. A Completely Randomized Design (CRD) was used to compare 3 different grass and concentrate balance treatments (T1 = 80% grass: 20% concentrate; T2 = 60% grass: 40% concentrate; and T3 = 40% grass: 60% concentrate) on performance and semen qualities of Garut rams using 6 replicates (n = 6). The data were analyzed using analysis of variance and Duncan's test. The results showed there was no different among the treatments on average daily gain (ADG, g/head/day) and dry matter intake (DMI, g/head/day) but increasing level of dietary concentrate resulted in increased motility (P<0.01), reduced abnormality (P<0.05), increased integrity of plasma membrane (P<0.001) and increased acrosome cap (P<0.001) of sperms of Garut Rams. The T2 treatment resulted in an optimal grass (60%) and concentrate (40%) balance. In conclusion, increased dietary concentrate did not significantly increase the daily weight gain, but it improved the Garut ram’s semen quality.


Concentrate; Garut rams; grass; performance; semen quality.

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