Design of Monolithic Integrator for Strain-to-Frequency Converter

Tuan Mohd. Khairi Tuan Mat, Chew Sue Ping, Akram Abdul Azid


Strain-to-Frequency converter (SFC) is a one of the analog conditioner tools that converts any strain signal to the frequency signal. The basic concept of SFC is by detecting any changing of strains, then converting the strain to the voltage signal and converting the voltage signal to the frequency signal. This tool consists of 3 main  components which are strain gauge, differential integrator and comparator. This paper presents the designing and analysis of monolithic integrator that to be used in the Strain-toFrequency converter. The primary goal is to design and simulate the performance of monolithic integrator for SFC using GATEWAY Silvaco Electronic Design Automation (S EDA) tools and EXPERT software. The performances of SFC using the designed monolithic integrator are also investigated.


Strain-to-Frequency converter(SFC); monolithic integrator; CMOS 0.18µm technology; GATEWAY Silvaco; EXPERT

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