Use of Bi-Polygonal Antenna Model to Explain Antenna Work Frequency Shifts Due to Changes in Antenna Geometry Shape

M. Arief Bustomi, Yono Hadi Pramono


One way to improve the efficiency of antenna design is to use mathematical models. The polygonal antenna model is a mathematical model for designing antennas with a polygonal structure. This article explains the application of the bi-polygon antenna model to account for the frequency shift of the micro-strip antenna due to changes in the design of the antenna shape from two sides, from two hexagons to two octagons. The antenna's operating frequency is determined from the FDTD simulation results based on bi-quad, bi-hexagonal, and bi-octagonal antenna design parameters. This research aims to test the theoretical model of a bi-polygon antenna by analyzing changes in the antenna's operating frequency due to changes in the shape of the antenna design. The novelty of this research lies in applying the theoretical model of a bi-polygonal antenna to analyze changes in the antenna's operating frequency due to changes in the antenna shape design. The research results show that applying the theoretical model of a 2-polygonal antenna can explain the causes of changes in the antenna's operating frequency due to changes in geometric design from bi-quad, bi-hexagonal to bi-octagonal antennas. However, the bi-polygonal antenna model still produces different results from the simulation results. Therefore, further research is needed to improve it. Model improvements include adding factors that were previously ignored or unavailable, adding assumptions about changes in antenna capacitance, and improving modeling data based on direct measurement data of antenna parameters.


Bi-polygonal antenna; working frequency; bi-quad; bi-hexagonal; bi-octagonal

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