Dynamic System for Silvofishery Pond Feasibility in North Sumatera, Indonesia

Nindyah Wulandari, Yuntha Bimantara, Nurdin Sulistiyono, Bejo Slamet, Rizka Amelia, Mohammad Basyuni


Silvofishery is the planting of mangroves in pond area. The commodities selected for silvofishery ponds include tiger shrimp, milkfish, and mangrove crab. The purpose of this research was to find the best silvofishery system based on the average net present value (NPV) using a dynamic model simulation and provide information about the effect of price changes or production of selected commodities on silvofishery. The results of this research showed that tiger shrimp and mud crab are the best and most feasible combinations for silvofishery, having an average NPV of $755.71/ha/year. Meanwhile, silvofishery using tiger shrimp has an average NPV of $332.28/ha/year, and the silvofishery combination of milkfish and tiger shrimp has an average NPV of $-216.45/ha/year. The effect of price increases the variable cost price by 63.3%, which indicates that the silvofishery combination of tiger shrimp and mud crab is still feasible to run. The decline in the selling price of the commodities of tiger shrimps and mud crab by 70% and 50%, respectively, makes this combination still feasible to operate. On the other hand, the surrounding community’s level of consumption greatly affects the level of sale of the silvofishery commodity. Environmental management must also be practiced as best as possible to maintain the functioning of the environment around the ponds to avoid major losses, and periodic maintenance must be done by managers to achieve the production targets. The present study suggested that pond farmers must be wise in making decisions to implement the appropriate combination of silvofishery.


Silvofishery; net present value; tiger shrimp; mangrove crab; milkfish.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18517/ijaseit.12.3.14199


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