A Study on Feature of Online Platform with Exploiting Blockchain for International Onshore Students

Jin-Ho Lim, Seung-Cheon Kim, Yong Kim


With the advent of blockchain technology and the associated cryptocurrencies, industries, including an online platform for international students, can transform many life changes. We suggest the blockchain technology feature that is impossible to correct or delete the recorded facts to gain greater efficiency in overseas studying management systems among international onshore students and study onshore agencies and universities. It has dual aims for overseas studying online platforms to increase competency and stimulate adoption of long-term overseas studying counseling, studying design, and overseas studying management for international students to enter the target university. It has generally achieved its first aim. Its issues are hindering the accomplishment of the second. Several solutions have been proposed to improve overseas studying procedures, yet none has considered the revolutionary advancement to prevent fraud and falsification issues. In this paper, we propose an online platform for studying in Korea with exploiting blockchain technology to provide trustworthy information. A key to this research's success is a scalable and distributed blockchain technology, which has been applied as a distributed transaction book and smart contract. Accordingly, we aim to improve the procedure so that international students can design their study abroad plan and choose qualified intermediaries as needed. Blockchain can replace the delivery of paper documents and verify the uploaded original's integrity and the increase of satisfaction of studying abroad by providing an online platform.


Blockchain; transparency; integrity; overseas studying; platform; international students; study abroad; universities.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18517/ijaseit.12.1.14095


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