The Implementation of Information Security for the Inventory System in a Municipality of Lima-Perú

Jorge Mamani Idme, Jhon Luis Valenzuela García, Shalóm Adonai Huaraz Morales, Laberiano Andrade-Arenas


In recent years, digital transformation has played an important role in all companies investing in technology. This investment greatly contributes to the daily tasks that companies carry out and can mean notable business growth. Also, it brings vulnerabilities that can be exploited by malicious people who, for any reason, seek to damage or appropriate the company's resources, thus directly or indirectly affecting business operations, which is why it is necessary to prevent these acts of vulnerability with the realization of information security. That is why the materials used to implement information security are explained in this work. The purpose of the research work is to identify, analyze, and evaluate to deal with the risks, thus better controlling the risks. This allowed us to land it in the conclusions made based on the objective and methodology used. It allowed us to have a sequence divided into three stages: initiation, planning, and execution. This helps us identify the infrastructure, times, risks, controls, policies, and information assets, in addition to evaluating and treating each risk identified in the District Municipality of Jesás María. This study showed that the implementation of information security has a positive impact since it helps make decisions for the protection of information assets.


Information security; impact; methodology; protection; vulnerability.

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