Sustainability Approach of Site Selection for Renewables Deployment in Indonesian Rural Electrical Grids

Rislima F. Sitompul, Daniel A. Prima Sinaga


As Indonesia works up efforts to increase renewables penetration and inequality of electrification ratio across the country, rural electrical grids are growing in popularity. However, there are some uncertainties of its development in a rural area, especially in deploying resources and forming guidance for site selection. The complexity of many aspects that incorporate and impact many stakeholders must be considered to develop a sustainable energy project. A sustainability framework that assesses a site's qualification for renewables electrification project is created to address these concerns. This study has resulted in a framework for site selection by considering the primary stakeholders' inclusiveness with holistic assessment in technical, economic, environmental, and social aspects. The inclusion of different perspectives and different elements in this study creates the robustness of the sustainability framework. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies may support the framework to understand the project's benefit towards a better environment. Willingness-to-pay-approach can help the community take ownership of the mini-grid instead of imposing it upon them a foreign solution. This holistic framework may still need to be evaluated in its application concerning the existing constraints and limited resources. Studies of regulation, policy, and incentives can support the implementation of such a systematic sustainability framework. Nevertheless, implementing this framework helps encourage policymakers, developers, communities, and energy service companies to understand better and accomplish further sustainable development.


rural electrification; site selection; sustainability assessment; sustainable development; sustainability framework.

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