Choux Pastry Made from Egg Groups based on the Hen Age and Shelf Life of the Eggs

Dany Iman Santoso, Ita Fatkhur Romadhoni, Rachmad Ramadhan Yogaswara


This study examines that hens' age and egg freshness affect water activity (aw) and moisture content (MC). Both also impress the quality and shelf life of choux pastry. Eggs are purchased freshly hatched and stored at ambient temperature for a few days, as is customary. This study measured egg quality before the dough-making process. Then, this study made choux dough by the same recipe and time and grouped it by the hen's age. This study also measured the choux surface temperature simultaneously after the baking process finished. Egg quality indicated albumen freshness, as described by weight loss and Haugh Unit (HU) graphs. And the grade fell over the storage time, as the falling weight loss and HU charts showed. The surface temperature indicates the MC value because temperature affects the water content in the choux. The MC graphs decreased at ten days for eggs of 5- and 16-week hens, while for 22-week hens, it did not decrease. Meantime, the relative humidity of the baker explains the aw of the choux. The aw charts decreased at 20 days for eggs of 16- and 22-week hens, while for the 5-week hens, it dropped at 30 days. Egg freshness affects MC and aw. The longer the egg storage time, the higher the MC and aw. Low MC and aw charts indicate high choux pastry quality and long choux shelf life. Young hens have a longer egg storage time.


Hens age; egg freshness; water activity; moisture content; storage time.

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