Performance of Resilient Modulus (SMix) and Dynamic Modulus ((|E*|) on Asphalt Concrete – Wearing Course (AC-WC) Using Pen 60/70 Asphalt and Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene (SBS) Polymer

Debby Yulinar Permata, Bambang Sugeng Subagio, Kardina Nawassa Setyo Ayuningtyas


Premature damage to pavements in Indonesia before its service life ends is partly due to climate variations and traffic loads. This study's main objective is to compare Dynamic Modulus (| E*|) and the Resilient Modulus of the Pen 60/70 AC-WC mixture using the SBS polymer modified asphalt. The performance from Marshall test shows that the highest Marshall Stability value (1007 kg) for AC-WC, and the Marshall immersion test gives the highest value of 98.13% for the same AC-WC mixture with 3% SBS. At low temperature (4°C), AC-WC with 0% SBS mixture has the highest Dynamic Modulus value (1792.7 MPa). While at high temperature (45°C), AC-WC with 3%, SBS has the highest Dynamic Modulus value (61.8 MPa). The test results show that the SBS modified asphalt mixture gives better performance at high temperatures. Overall, the AC-WC with 3% SBS mixture is better than the other mixtures. Thus, the use of SBS polymer asphalt can be a solution to improve the performance of the mixture. The dynamic modulus with AMPT test and Witczak equation showed a high correlation (0.9844). Additionally, the correlation for resilient and dynamic modulus also has higher correlation with R2 = 0.9818.


AC-WC; SBS polymer; Marshall test; dynamic modulus; resilient modulus.

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