Methodology for Business Intelligence Solutions in Internet Banking Companies

Alex Escalante Viteri, Javier Gamboa Cruzado, Leonidas Asto Huaman


Business intelligence in the banking industry has been studied extensively in the last decade; however, business executives still do not perceive efficiency in the decision-making process since the management and treatment of information are very time-consuming for the deliverer, generating costs in the process. On the other hand, there is no formal methodology for developing business intelligence solutions in this sector. This work aims to optimize decision-making in a business unit that works with internet banking companies, reducing the time, the number of people, and the costs involved in decision-making. To meet the objective, basic and applied research was conducted. The basic research allowed the construction of a new methodology from a study of critical success factors and approaches from the business intelligence literature. The applied research involved the implementation of a business intelligence solution applying the new methodology in a pre-experimental study. Thirty decision-making processes were analyzed using pre-test and post-test data. Tools such as a stopwatch and observation were used to collect and record data on time spent, the number of people, and the decision-making costs. This information was processed in the specialized Minitab18 statistical software, which allowed the observation and confirmation of relevant results regarding time reduction, the number of people, and the costs generated. Therefore, it was concluded that the business intelligence solution, applying the new methodology, optimized decision making in the business unit that works with internet banking for companies.


Business intelligence; methodology; methodological approaches; critical success factors; decision making.

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