Internet of Things Based Cutting Tool Status Monitoring in a Computer Numerical Control Milling Machine

K. K. Natarajan, J. Gokulachandran


The Internet of Things (IoT) in the manufacturing industry shares machine data in real time. The majority of industrial data can be gathered and processed from machines and other remote IoT devices in a production system through data streaming. As sensors become smaller and more affordable, the Internet of things will attract more attention. It is possible to employ a wide range of sensors for monitoring, and with efficient open-source software, the status of the operation can be evaluated effectively. Our work aims at providing instructions for sending data (cutting tool status time) from Particle Photon devices connected to CNC milling machines to open-source software called ThingSpeak. This task is accomplished by integrating the Particle Photon device with the infrared sensor to the CNC milling machine. Three axis CNC vertical milling machine is used to manufacture the sample component. The status of the cutting tool, in this case the cutting time for each machining feature is monitored. Using infrared technology, the sensor detects whether the cutting tool is present. Particle photons measure machining time and communicate it to ThingSpeak. The ThingSpeak library will interpret the cloud information and displays it. With ThingSpeak software, we define the fields for various cutting tools and track every tool in real time. The time recorded using ThingSpeak software is found to be near to the time, which is monitored manually by the user. A major step in computer assisted process planning in manufacturing is monitoring the machining time for each cutting tool and it is successfully implemented in this research work.


Internet of Things; infrared sensors; particle photon; CNC155 mill machine; ThingSpeak; cutting tool status.

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