Remote Patient Health Monitoring System Using Mobile and Wireless Body Area Network in Yemen

Hisham Abdullah, Azman Taa, Fathey Mohammed


The traditional approach for monitoring chronic diseases represents a major challenge for hospitals and the Ministry of Health in Yemen. This research aims to develop a Remote Patient Health Monitoring System (RPHMS) using Bluetooth enabled medical sensors and mobile phones. This research adopts the Rational Unified Process (RUP) is a software development process framework to develop the proposed system. The RPHMS provides real-time monitoring for the patients suffering from chronic diseases and manages the patients' medical record in which the diagnostic and prescriptive data are stored for further analysis. The RPHMS consists of two major subsystems: Mobile Patient System (MPS) to wirelessly measure the patient's medical and position data, and automatically send the data to the central hospital server; and Central Hospital System (CHS) to automatically store the diagnostic data in the hospital database and then forward the data in form of Short Message Service (SMS) to the doctor. In addition, the CHS enables the patient to get feedback from the doctor. Moreover, CHS stores the feedback and the prescriptions in the hospital database. These data can be accessed by the patient using a mobile application. The results show that RPHMS enables hospitals and doctors to obtain accurate and timely data regarding patients' chronic illnesses. This research concludes that the RPHMS improves the control of the heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen percentage in the blood (SPO2), since it provides real-time monitoring of chronic patients.


Remote Patient Monitoring System (RPMS); Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN); mobile technology.

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