The Analysis of Aerosol Distribution Using Modis AOD (Aerosol Optical Depth) With SARA (Simplified High Resolution Modis Retrieval Algorithm) for Air Quality Monitoring On 2017 (Study Case: Surabaya City, Indonesia)

Bangun Muljo Sukojo, Hepi Hapsari Handayani, Ardia Tiara Rahmi, - Istiqomah, Rizki Hari Kurniawan


Aerosols are particles suspended in the atmosphere that can affect human’s health, air quality, and climate. In monitoring the decrease in air quality due to aerosol distribution, it can be performed by calculating the thickness of the aerosol distribution. SARA (Simplified High-Resolution MODIS Aerosol Retrieval Algorithm) is the algorithm to calculate the distribution of AOD (Aerosol Optical Depth) values in Surabaya city using MODIS imagery. The distribution of AOD is calculated by considering the meteorological and land use aspects. The validation process is performed using ground-based measurements, i.e., the SPM and aerosol products at MODIS Level 2. The results of the AOD distribution vary in each month during 2017. The highest value of 1.794 µm occurred in May with a 7.0 mm/day rainfall in Dukuhpakis District. In comparison, the lowest AOD value of 0.494 µm occurred in January, with rainfall of 21.0 mm/day in Benowo District. The accuracy test result shows that the city of Surabaya is in the high category by reaching the value of 86%. While the accuracy-test with SPM data has a moderate level of correlation, giving the value of 42% with an RMSE value of 0.077 µm. The distribution of AOD is strongly influenced by the rainy season, proven by the correlation value between AOD and rainfall data reaching ~ 0.545. The correlation value between AOD and others meteorological and land use aspects is reaching ~ 0.391 for wind aspect and ~ 0.190 for land use. 


Aerosol; AOD; MODIS; rainfall; Surabaya; SARA.

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